2014 US Mobile Benchmark Report

2014 US Mobile Benchmark Report
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So, benchmarks, I love them, what about you? These benchmarks are extremely interesting as it surrounds mobile, a huge topic that we will hear more about tomorrow with the launch of the iPhone 6!

Here’s the obvious one, iPhone screen size has to increase: Without the introduction of a larger phone, Apple’s browser share will decline further. Consumers prefer to browse on phones with 5” or larger screens. Browsing on 4” devices fell by 11% YoY. Apple hates losing share in anything, so definitely we will see a larger phone, perhaps with NFC? More on that later!55959_2014_Q3_mobile_benchmark_individual_graphs_1

Here’s a shocker! Pinterest is the most mobile social network: Outpacing Facebook, Pinterest is the most mobile social network with 64% of its referred traffic coming from mobile browsers. Tumblr referrals produce the highest revenue per visit (RPV) from mobile devices – well ahead of Facebook. We all thought Facebook was the king, not exactly, at least not in the USA.

55959_2014_Q3_mobile_benchmark_individual_graphs_9 55959_2014_Q3_mobile_benchmark_individual_graphs_10

iMessage sharing up 259%: Users of digital magazine apps use person-to-person article sharing via text messaging twice as often as sharing via Social. While iMessage sharing is up, sharing via Facebook is down 43%. I’m really curious on how iMessage sharing will increase once Yosemite goes out of beta and into golden master.

What’s not surprising is cellular networks on decline: For the first time, more than 50% of web browsing via smartphones and 93% of browsing via tablets come from Wi-Fi. With tethering on your iPhone and Mac becoming easier than ever with iOS 8 and Yosemite, these stats will dramatically change.

55959_2014_Q3_mobile_benchmark_individual_graphs_3 55959_2014_Q3_mobile_benchmark_individual_graphs_4

Apple does drive US mobile browser traffic, which again isn’t a shocker with 54% and 80% of tablet traffic. Samsung is in second place and there’s no one in 3rd place, yet.

Some more interesting stats:

64% of Pinterest’s referred traffic comes from mobile browsers, ahead of Facebook. 62% of Twitter referrals are from tablets and smartphones. 36% of all social referred visits to retailers come from a tablet or smartphone.

Who knew that Facebook and Twitter were actually suffering? They are.

Personalized content sharing (text messaging, email) is more popular than group sharing via Social – 70% vs. 30%.
• Twitter sharing down 22.6%
• Pinterest sharing up 131%.
• Email sharing up 5.2%.
• Facebook sharing down 42.6%.

As cell data charges increase (especially in Canada) more consumers choose to browse via wi-fi. This might be why so many Telus Direct and Shaw Go Wifi hotspots are popping up, everywhere.

• Over 50% of smartphone browsing now comes from wi-fi.
• 93% of tablet browsing uses wi-fi rather than cellular data.



iBeacons and Geo targeting are becoming mainstream.
• iBeacons: 18% of mobile marketers already use Apple iBeacons (Expected to double in ’15 to 36%).
• Geo targeting (GPS): 49% of marketers already use device position to deliver content (37% plan to add it over next 12 months).

“Mobile Elite” user trends.
• 22% used mobile wallets in last 3 months (14% of average mobile users). This is going to change tomorrow with the introduction of the iPhone 6 and their mobile wallet.
• 13% used apps with augmented reality in last 3 months
(9% of average mobile users).
• 36% used mobile assisted in-store shopping (33% of average mobile users).

• 53% of companies have 1-10 mobile apps (17% have 40+ mobile apps for download).
• iOS apps lead with 67% of respondents publishing to the Apple App Store (Google Play 61%).
• Only 3% of companies admit to only refreshing mobile apps annually or less often.

On average, mobile marketers spend:
• $5.5 million/year on mobile app.
• $4.9 million/year on mobile websites.

Any questions? Please feel to email me at jonathan [at] trustednerd.com with the subject line “US Mobile Benchmark 2014” and I’ll try to get the answers for you as quickly as possible.

Source: Adobe Digital Index

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