Apps can save time, but business owners need to ensure they also save money

Apps can save time, but business owners need to ensure they also save money
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As we all know at this point, everyday duties can be managed straight from our smartphones now. This is uber-convenient, for obvious reasons – I mean I don’t know about you, but I’m never more than a few feet from mine at any given time. These new technologies can help companies save time by throwing off the shackles of their desktop computers and laptops and allow employees to use the tools they’ve already got.

But one thing business owners must make sure of is that these useful devices are actually helping them grow to some extent. It’d be pretty pointless to keep them around if they’re not helping at all, right? So, what applications can they use to help get the job done quickly and as cheaply as possible?

Tracking all that needs to be done
Here’s a shocker! There are tons of tasks business owners need to keep track of every single day. For instance, I know how overwhelming it can be to try and hunt down a lost sticky note with an important phone number on it or try to set aside a second to fill out a day’s to-do list the right way Now magnify those struggles and you’ve got a little insight into what company leaders go through each day.

Fear not though, you don’t have to worry! Not too much anyway…

Thankfully, small business owners can use applications on their own smartphones like Evernote to make lists that are with them at all times. Think about it though – memos probably won’t be misplaced because most of us are fused to our phones and the focus can be on completing obligations instead of trying to remember them.

But what happens when employees need to use these tools when they’re far, far away from the office?

Apps like Google Latitude to keep track of where they are by tapping into the GPS feature of their phones. This helps all the owners out there watch the progress of business trips, as well as make sure they don’t stray off mission for a little unapproved fun on the company dime.

Keep an eye on the costs
However, business travel could end up costing companies dearly if they’re not too careful.

There are so many new, fun and exciting apps that can help out with business operations, but owners can’t forget the potential dangers that come with the territory.

If expansion’s on your mind, apps can make it easier by connecting owners to their offices back at home.

That’s great and all, at least until the monthly bill comes in.

It’s super important for leaders to remember their data plans and roaming settings to prevent unexpected costs. As we all know, this can be a burden on everyone’s lives. Some applications and programs business leaders can run on their phones demand a lot of data and bandwidth, so the charges can add up quick.

Too quick, some would say.

Thankfully, owners can watch company-issued gadgets to stop unwanted fees before they get way out of hand.

Business leaders can even make employees approve any roaming data charges. Employers might want to include a setting on company tools that gives them the ability to shut down a device if used while roaming.

Power down before the bills go up!

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