Review: Belkin Travel Power Pack 9000

Review: Belkin Travel Power Pack 9000
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So, as many here know, I LOVE Belkin, Cisco and Linksys products, absolutely love. Belkin has always been on the side of design and amazing innovations and well, where a mobile power bank really isn’t much of an innovation as so many companies are doing it, Belkin goes over the top in the sexiest upon designs ever.

When I received the Belkin Travel Power Pack 9000, I thought the packaging was a bit, bland. Maybe Belkin has other packaging since this is a review sample, but if what they sent it to me in is their consumer packaging, I do suggest boosting it up. You have such a beautiful product Belkin, don’t ruin it with bad packaging!

It has a glossy finish on it that makes the product really stand out, but it is a fingerprint magnet. The top of the device features two USB ports, one for 1 AMP and 1 for a 2.5 AMP device. The bottom of the device has a port to charge the power bank and the cable fits in so nice and snugly, unlike other brands I have looked at lately.

The side of the device features 4 small LED’s that show the device’s charging status and capacity along with a recessed power button. The back and top of the device have a scratch resistant matte backing which accents beautifully with the shiny front of the power pack.


A cool addition to this product would be an AC plug on the back to plug in and charge, but I guess that might be for the next version? Maybe??

I was able to achieve a full charge in about 3 hours and the power bank 9000 charges devices extremely quickly. It is of course, 9,000 mAh. I do suggest picking one up from Belkin, everyone needs one of these.  It retails around $60 from Amazon. {rating}

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