CLOSED: Dashcams: Another Way to Appreciate the Journey! Enter to win!

CLOSED: Dashcams: Another Way to Appreciate the Journey! Enter to win!
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In this day and age we are accused of being hyperconnected and unable to create meaningful interactions that hold a deeply positive effect on our lives because we are too busy snapping photos of our food.  On the other hand, the ability to create content based on your own personal life through any means available, has brought a new meaning to how we express these experiences.  In this world of chaos we can find solace in being able to record through video a funny event or your epic trip to the Sequoias.  By using a dashcam you will certainly capture these occasions while you venture out on the roads.  Is it being hyperconnected and does anyone even care to share in this event with you?

In the past, before inventions like dashcams, people would send postcards, letters, and even pictures to their family and friends from the many different places they visited.  Humans are highly social beings and sharing special moments connects us to other people.  It provides an outlet that, to put it simply, makes us happy.  Being able to share life events is commonplace and now with the advent of so many different types of recording devices this is easily done from our mobile devices and spread quickly across social media.

The arrival of the dashcam has provided a distinctly different way to create videos of our epic travels and crazy events on the road.  The unexpected or amazing adventure can now get enshrined in a unique video for yourself or the world at large.  It can almost be guaranteed that if you capture that once in a lifetime moment someone will be interested in watching it.

What better way to share your summer travels than with the video you can record while using a dashcam. The PAPAGO! GoSafe 200 and GoSafe 260 are the perfect dashcam’s to use while chronicling your trips.  Both herald crisp, vivid, 1080p video resolution as a step above your common dashcam.  The balance of brightly contrasted colors and rich video in both devices definitely set them apart.

The GoSafe 260 easily replaces your car’s rearview mirror with no loss in driver’s vision; in fact it enhances the range of visibility.  Zoom in-and-out and snap a picture with a push of a button.  Easy to use and maintain the GoSafe 260 is the perfect choice for someone that does not want an extra device taking up space.  Retail price is $179.99.

The GoSafe 200 is designed to clasp to the back of your rearview mirror with a discreet slide in-and-out screen.  The amazing f/1.8 with 6-element glass lens allows for great video quality in low-light conditions.  You can rest assured knowing that your night escapades will get recorded with precision as well.  With the GoSafe 200 you can just set it and forget it so that you can concentrate on doing what matters most, appreciating the journey! Retail price is $159.99.

The latest PAPAGO! GoSafe dashcams are available for purchase in the US and Canada at select retailers. Please visit for the latest retailers available.

Enter to win a GoSafe 200 here!

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