The 2014 Ford Fiesta SE Hatch Roadtrip Experience

The 2014 Ford Fiesta SE Hatch Roadtrip Experience
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Yesterday, I drove the 2014 Ford Fiesta SE with my friend Heather, courtesy of Ford Canada. The drive was absolutely amazing, I LOVE the Ford Fiesta, love it. Had an amazing breakfast and then we drove the vehicle from Burnaby through Coquitlam, Surrey and Abbotsford and stopped at Walmart for some road trip goods.

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We then headed off like little kids to Castle Fun Park where I haven’t been for like 14+ years, oh the memories. Played some golf, won a ton of tickets on games and got Heather this really cute princess hammer and shark, you gotta keep the girl happy :). From there, we started our drive down to Harrison Hot Springs. With the help of SYNC and MyFordTouch, we utilized the on-board navigation features in the vehicle. The navigation features, have issues that need to be rectified. First off, it tells you to take an exit at the very last split second. It’s extremely confusing when it comes to roundabouts and the route it tells you to take to Harrison is questionable. The sound system sounds amazing, even Rebecca Black’s annoying as heck song, Friday, sounds amazing in the 2014 Ford Fiesta SE.

Did you know the following road trip stats?

  • 30% of British Columbians say they always consider the amount of money spent on gas before hitting the road
  • 81% of British Columbians have taken at least one road trip in the past two years
  • 23% of British Columbians typically take their first post winter road trip in late May
  • 38% of British Columbians take a road trip that averages over 300 kilometres
  • Whistler is the top destination for British Columbians (43%). Followed by Harrison Hot Springs (37%) and Victoria (20%)


Also, some cool details about the Fiesta:

  • New Ford Fiesta bursts onto the scene with an impressive lineup of powertrain options anchored by the award-winning 1.0-litre EcoBoost® engine
  • Fiesta is loaded with a dazzling array of features and technologies that proves small is smart
  • Personalization features and hot new colour combinations make the 2014 Ford Fiesta – a car that not only revels in the spotlight, but demands it
  • Fiesta ST smokes the competition with the best performance in its class


Ford’s new 1.0-litre Fiesta redefines the small car with great fuel-economy ratings — 4.5L/100KM on the highway and 6.3L/100KM in the city, an exciting new look, and special features and technology that make it the most fun-to-drive car of its size.

“Customers want cars that are expressive and fun while offering class-leading fuel economy,” says Mark Fields, Ford president of The Americas. “Fiesta delivers all the excitement drivers are looking for in a car we believe will raise the bar even higher for small cars in North America.

“Our goal with this Fiesta was to take a car that was already a leader in fuel efficiency, performance, connectivity and personality, and make it even better,” Fields adds.

Fuel efficiency and fun

The most dramatic and distinctive Fiesta is led by Ford’s patented new 1.0-litre EcoBoost® engine. This landmark engine was already selected for both the Popular Mechanics 2012 Breakthrough Award and Engine Technology International’s International Engine of the Year Award in Europe.

With that, Fiesta stands as a shining example of Ford’s commitment to provide consumers with the most fuel-efficient cars, SUVs and trucks.

While the diminutive size of the 1.0-litre EcoBoost saves cash at the pump, it doesn’t hold anything back on the road. At 123 horsepower for each litre of engine displacement (the engine’s size), the 1.0-litre EcoBoost delivers more power for its size than a Lamborghini Aventador (at 108 horsepower per litre).

EcoBoost is fundamental to Ford’s strategy to provide technologically advanced, high-output, smaller-displacement powertrains that deliver uncompromised performance and fuel economy. Ford’s leadership with EcoBoost has resulted in more than 125 patents on the technology. Currently, more than 500,000 vehicles have this engine and by 2013 more than 1.3 million will have EcoBoost.

A triple threat of fuel-saving features – variable-displacement oil pumps, polished tappets and coded pistons – appears together for the first time in the 1.6-litre Fiesta, giving drivers maximum miles per gallon without sacrificing driving fun.




Small is smart

In addition to its new EcoBoost engine, Fiesta boasts a best-in-class suite of technologies and features that give drivers the perfect blend of a connected world and an untethered driving experience.

A new MyFord Touch® system with 6.5-inch touch screen that features enhanced voice control is now available, providing drivers more options than ever for navigation, communication and entertainment functions.

Ford’s MyKey® is a new feature on Fiesta, which enables parents in particular to encourage safer driving and limit their teenagers’ exposure to risk at the wheel. The system allows owners to configure maximum speed and audio volume limits. It also mutes audio until seat belts are fastened and ensures driver aids, safety systems and more vigorous alerts cannot be deactivated when used.

“This car was built for the digital generation,” says John Schneider, Ford chief engineer, Upperbody Electronics. “With Bluetooth® connectivity and MP3 capabilities, tech-savvy people who use social media to be constantly connected with the world around them won’t be slowed down when they get in this car.

Ford is also doing some really cool stuff with Heinz! But unfortunately they aren’t gonna make cute cars like this, yet…




















It might seem that tomatoes and cars have nothing in common. But researchers at Ford Motor Company and H.J. Heinz Company see the possibility of an innovative union.

Researchers at Ford and Heinz are investigating the use of tomato fibers in developing sustainable, composite materials for use in vehicle manufacturing. Specifically, dried tomato skins could become the wiring brackets in a Ford vehicle or the storage bin a Ford customer uses to hold coins and other small objects.

“We are exploring whether this food processing by-product makes sense for an automotive application,” said Ellen Lee, plastics research technical specialist for Ford Motor Company. “Our goal is to develop a strong, lightweight material that meets our vehicle requirements, while at the same time reducing our overall environmental impact.”

Nearly two years ago, Ford began collaborating with Heinz, The Coca-Cola Company, Nike Inc. and Procter & Gamble to accelerate development of a 100 per cent plant-based plastic to be used to make everything from fabric to packaging and with a lower environmental impact than petroleum-based packaging materials currently in use.

At Heinz, researchers were looking for innovative ways to recycle and repurpose peels, stems and seeds from the more than two million tons of tomatoes the company uses annually to produce its best-selling product: Heinz Ketchup. Leaders at Heinz turned to Ford.

“We are delighted that the technology has been validated,” said Vidhu Nagpal, associate director, packaging R&D for Heinz. “Although we are in the very early stages of research, and many questions remain, we are excited about the possibilities this could produce for both Heinz and Ford, and the advancement of sustainable 100% plant-based plastics.”

Ford’s commitment to reduce, reuse and recycle is part of the company’s global sustainability strategy to lessen its environmental footprint while accelerating development of fuel-efficient vehicle technology worldwide. In recent years, Ford has increased its use of recycled non-metal and bio-based components and rice hull-filled electrical cowl brackets introduced last year, Ford’s bio-based portfolio now includes eight materials in production. Other examples are coconut-based composite materials, recycled cotton materials for carpeting and seat fabrics, and soy foam seat cushions and head restraints.


What I noticed when driving the Fiesta was that when connecting my iPhone 5S via USB it automatically discovered it, which is great. However, it does not pull album art properly. The other thing I noticed was when going into Sirius XM and you’re not subscribed, MyFordTouch will lock up requiring you to turn off the vehicle in order to access Entertainment again.

Handling the vehicle was amazing. The vehicle does such sharp turns with ease and U-turns like butter. We drove to Harrison Hot Springs and back to Burnaby in under half a tank of gas. Now that’s stunning!

One feature I do wish this vehicle had was a dash cam with front  towards the road and a cam watching the driver and passengers. It’s the age of the #selfie, so why can’t drivers take ‘legal’ selfies while they are driving?

ChaseSelfieFiestaOnce in Harrison we walked around, had lunch at the Harrison Resort, bought some amazing chocolate for the way at the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory and then went back to the mall. Unfortunately my camera battery ran out so I had to go to London Drugs to get a new one. There are sweet deals there on new LP-E6 batteries, 50% off!

Heather’s coffee did this amazing heart by itself, maybe it’s trying to tell us something… like we <3 Ford? Or…?


Then we went and concluded the day with an amazing dinner. Ah the memories. You know what would make this road trip even better? Recording it with the LifeLogger camera! Just 12 days left to back them on Kickstarter!!!

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