Review: Griffin Survivor Case for the Samsung Galaxy S5

Review: Griffin Survivor Case for the Samsung Galaxy S5
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So I just got this “case” for the Samsung Galaxy S5. It’s apparently supposed to be a competitor to Otterbox’s Defender series. However, Griffin did an absolutely terrible job on the Survivor. First off, let’s talk about the packaging. The packaging is made out of cheap cardboard and makes the case look even more cheap.

In regards to the case itself, it’s outright horrible. It’s not snug, it’s made out of absolute crap materials and the “protective” screen cover is an absolute joke. It’s almost like the people at Griffin needed to push out a new product, so they released a piece of rubber and cheap plastic and called it a case.

Griffin, stop trying to rip off the Defender series from Otterbox, cause you’re not even close. This Griffin case is even worse than those M-Edge cases I reviewed a while back, absolutely horrible.

Overall, do I suggest to get this case? Absolutely not. Not worth it. {rating}

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