Make your passwords stronger with Yubikey and LastPass

Make your passwords stronger with Yubikey and LastPass
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Over the past week I’ve been testing out YubiKey after all that buzz about Heartbleed. There are password managers like LastPass (which I use with Yubikey), Keepass, and Keeper, but nothing is as good as LastPass and YubiKey combined. If you really want to secure logins, second factor authentication is what you should consider. This may sound complicated, but it really isn’t. Integrating LastPass and YubiKey into your day to day life can’t get any easier, and it’s cheap too!

There are two products that I checked out from YubiKey, the Neo and the VIP. The NEO is what I’m using daily to login to my websites along with a LastPass Premium subscription that came part of the YubiKey Neo bundle. I’m the kind of person that absolutely freaks out at people who don’t use secure passwords. I’ve worked for companies where their passwords, were literally “password” and I just about freaked.

YubiKey’s VIP product works with PayPal, so if you are a everyday Paypal user, this is the product for you, but I suggest to get the NEO also. Both products are well worth it and virtually indestructible, so don’t worry about breaking it.  Setting up Yubikey is so super simple, it’s seriously plug and play.

Basically, this is how you use YubiKey. You plug in Yubikey, press the button, it generates a really long random password. Combine that with LastPass Premium and well, you’ll never have to use passwords again. The best passwords are the passwords that you can’t remember, randomly generated with tons of random symbols, numbers and characters. You “shouldn’t’ remember the password, as LastPass and YubiKey together will provide you with enough security to login securely to your websites. I’m not going to go into super technical stuff as this isn’t a hard to use product, so I don’t want basic tech users to think this is a product they can’t use. I’ll put it in this sense, YubiKey is so simple, grandma could figure it out in under 5 minutes. It basically generates an OTP (one time passcode) every time you press the button.

I’m not going to show the ins and outs of YubiKey since that would show my own account, and well, I value my security. However, I do endorse YubiKey and I do suggest everyone to p. ick up the YubiKey NEO with LastPass today! Check it out here today for more information and to pick up your own! {rating}



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