The future of music listening comes to Kickstarter with STREAMZ

The future of music listening comes to Kickstarter with STREAMZ
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I’ve been following STREAMZ since before CES and let me tell you something, these guys are pros in the audio industry. With their new headphone streaming product, called STREAMZ, I am sure excited. So what are STERAMZ?

STREAMZ are revolutionary Smart headphones that incorporate a 36GB WiFi Android Music Player, now that’s sweet! STREAMZ is basically simple, streaming sound that lets you experience music in a totally new way. STREAMZ plays everything, Spotify, Pandora, you name it, STREAMZ can play it. Watching TV, playing a game or you can also listen to stored 44kHz/16 bit CD quality music. Nothing is nothing simpler. With one press of a button, high quality music is delivered to your ears.

Did you know that 500 million people listen to music via a separate player such as an iPod, iPhone or iPad or MP3 player? STREAMZ is changing that. STREAMZ aren’t just headphones, they are smart headphones with a built-in music player. There’s no setup, no hassle, and no wires. You just put them on and instantly play music.

STREAMZ makes your music simple. Simply press a button or voice a command and enjoy instant entertainment. Their 100% WiFi and Bluetooth Wireless too, so you can FINALLY throw away your cables!

STREAMZ voice recognition and voice synthesis represents the next disruptive wave of wearable entertainment devices or “exotainment” devices and Android Apps since it provides the user to instantly access and socially share with their friends their music playlists and other cloud centric information. STREAMZ is ushering in a flood of STREAMZ Apps development that will further expand the value of STREAMZ in the consumer marketplace.

With STREAMZ you can instantly play your favorite music from any source including an online music services such as Pandora and Spotify, from your phone or from the STREAMZ’s onboard memory. Also with an optional Bluetooth transmitter you can also listen to your home entertainment media including music, movies, TV shows, and games. Exciting!

With the STREAMZ Google Drive streaming service users for the first time can directly stream CD quality music at 44kHz/16 bits from Google Drive directly to their STREAMZ headphones.

STREAMZ was invented by the people who introduced BLUWAVS, the world’s first HDMI 7.1 HD Audio Surround Headphones with ten discrete transducers including two surface conduction vibration speakers. By integrating BLUWAVS high fidelity audio electronics inside the headphones including a 48kHz/16 bit DAC, STREAMZ is able to deliver unprecedented sound quality. BLUWAVS are expensive though, and STREAMZ delivers this same audio quality at a very reasonable price.

STREAMZ plays 48kHz/16 bit FLAC, ALAC and WAV files stored or streamed from Google Drive! Tell me another headphone that can do that?

STREAMZ has a Digital to Analog (DAC) converter that can play music that is 4X times the quality of normal MP3’s and iTunes music. The STREAMZ plays 48kHz/16 bit music files at 1.4 Mbits per second while MP3s and iTunes only play at 320 bits per second.

STREAMZ Plays 1.4 Mbits/sec. CD Quality = 4X the quality of MP3s or iTunes 320 Kbits/sec.


Specifications may vary at time of product release.


 Frequency Range – 20 Hz – 20 kHz

 Dynamic Range 115 dB

 Headphone Type – Cushioned over ear cup

 Connection – Wireless and wired

 Speaker Quantity – Four (4)

 Dynamic Speaker – Two (2)

 Vibration Driver – Two (2)



TSR Stereo Analog Input and MIC – 3.5mm connector


 ESS Technology Sabre ES9023

 2 Channels of 48 kHz sample rate with 16 bit depth

 DNR – 112db

 12MHZ Oscillator

 Patented Hyperstream™ and Time Domain Jitter Eliminator


 WIFI – 802.11 B /G /N

 Bluetooth – 4.0


 Onboard RAM – 1GB DDR3 (used for system functions)

 Onboard Flash – 4GB Flash (8GB total with 4GB useable)

 Add-in RAM – Up to 32GB Micro SD Card


 Right Keypad – Four Selectable Controls

Play – Pause – Skip FWD – Skip REV

 Left Keypad – Four Selectable Controls

Vol Up – Vol Down – Mode – Function


 +5VDC AC/DC Charging Adapter – micro USB connector

 Built-in lithium polymer rechargeable battery

 LEDS will indicate the charge state of the batteries


 Custom SMS – STREAMZ SYSTEM MANAGER APP “SMS Manager App” – Included:

The SMS App will initially run on the top two mobile smartphone OS’s namely, Android and iOS

The SMS App provides support for:

1. System Configuration Manager

2. WIFI & Bluetooth Setup

3. Android App Select and Setup

4. Optional Playback Control

5. Music File Transfer


 AVR Bluetooth Transmitter Module – Transmits audio from AVR

 Microphone – Voice Activation and Gaming – 3.5mm attachable microphone.


 Approximate Headset Weight including battery pack – 18 Ounces

 Approximate External Power Supply Weight – 0.3 Ounces

Anyways, go and back STREAMZ here! You can back it starting RIGHT NOW! I hope to have a review of STREAMZ done as soon as they supply me with a unit. Stay tuned!

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