Review: Netgear VueZone

Review: Netgear VueZone
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Is it possible to marry a security camera? Is that legal yet in Canada? Well, not yet, but I’ve got to say, I LOVE the Netgear VueZone so much! Ever since I first laid eyes on it at CES 2014 a few weeks ago, I knew that this was the answer to all issues with setting up a security camera outside and even inside the home. Let me tell you a bit more about it.

The NetGear VueZone is a extremely easy to use and setup security system that is wireless. I’ve bet you heard that term before that a security system is wireless, but it still requires you to find an AC outlet to plug it in. Intruder comes, cuts the power and guess what, no security camera. Not with Netgear VueZone! Netgear’s VueZone is the only true wireless solution, including power! This baby runs off CR123 batteries and the battery life is incredible lasting 6 months with 5 minutes of daily usage, which is considered “Normal” usage.

The one thing that isn’t wireless is the IR lamp for night vision but honestly, I didn’t even need to use the IR lamp for night vision in my front yard, the Netgear VueZone is just that great! If 15 ft is good enough for you for night vision, then no need for the IR lamp. If you need another 10 ft, then add the IR lamp. It comes with your system, so why not use it.

I found the system to be super sensitive, so sensitive that I actually had to put the settings in the online app to 50% just so it doesn’t pick up everything like the cat walking across the driveway.

Online, you can set your cameras up to take snapshots or video. There are quality options such as 640×480 and 1600×1200 in time lapse. Personally, I used 1600×1200 in time lapse cause it takes the best quality and covers so much area.

The VueZone cameras magnetically mount to a stick on mount or you can get a waterproof outdoor mount / shell (which I opted for) which protects your camera from the elements. The stick on elements are NOT suited for outside, I learned this the hard way. But what you can do is put a nail on the back of the mount and stick and hang it, then it holds.

What I didn’t like was the storage space with the plans, it sucks, majorly. 250 MB of storage space comes with the Premier plan and 500 MB with the elite plan. With every 1:30 video file being around 10 MB, this is inadequate. VueZone really needs to up their game into the 2, 5,10 GB storage market. Storage doesn’t cost that much these days, give your users some more space.

I also experienced bugs with the library, if your system detects motion and you refresh the library, you’ll be booted out and required to log back in again.

Also, I do wish that the mobile apps supported 1600×1200 viewing, unfortunately you’re stuck with 640×480 resolution when using the mobile apps. There are also no push notifications that are delivered to your phone when motion is detected, which is unfortunate. As well, the VueZone cameras do not record audio, only video.

I wish that VueZone would use that USB port on the back of the base for storage use. The port is inoperable, but it does charge your phone, so that’s a total win!

Overall, I was extremely impressed with the Netgear Vuezone system and I suggest picking one up today!! To Netgear, please fix the bugs in VueZone and bump up the storage capacity to something reasonable in the “GB’s” not the “MB’s.”

Get your VueZone here today and start protecting your home or business.


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