Review: Hovo 510 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

Review: Hovo 510 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner
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Recently I’ve had the chance to review the Hovo 510 Robotic Vacuum cleaner from Infinuvo. It doesn’t have many features but it does a good job of cleaning. It offers a spot cleaner, automatic cleaner with remote control as well as an automatic charging feature and virtual blocker. It also apparently comes with a UV light feature, but mine didn’t have that.

I found that with the Hovo 510, the brushes wore out extremely quickly and the design is incredibly flawed in that the side brush constantly hit the wheels making them fray quickly. Within 2 weeks of use, I’ve had to replace the side brush. The other thing is that you can’t purchase accessories from Infinuvo, I found no where on their site to purchase a new side brush so I had to purchase a iRobot brush (which works with the Infinuvo, it’s just a few millimeters off causing it not to want to go up on carpet).

I found no way to purchase additional virtual blockers or an extra charging station, if I ever wanted to do that.

The user manual was written extremely poorly, it isn’t something you’d expect from a US company. Many of the instructions, especially regarding pairing another virtual blocker or charging station, makes absolutely no sense at all.

The Hovo 510 also doesn’t clean right next to your baseboards with the side brush, which is a huge disadvantage as a lot of dirt often sits there or the Hovo 510 blows it there and then doesn’t clean it up. In regards to its collision detection, it sucks. It constantly bumps into furniture and pushes it around. If you have any stainless steel, silver, or shiny items, the Hovo 510 will run right into it or over it. The collision detection obviously failed all quality assurance checks.

However, the Hovo 510 does pick up a lot of dirt, lots of it which is a plus. In regards to automatic charging, I found this feature to be really flawed. The Hovo 510 goes completely in the different direction of the charging base and never finds the charging station unless there is an ABSOLUTE clear straight line from the charging station to the Hovo 510. If your Hovo 510 is in another room and it needs to charge, good luck finding the charging station, it just won’t find it.

The mopping feature is an absolute joke on the Hovo 510, it doesn’t do anything at all and honestly, it shouldn’t be there. It serves absolutely no purpose. The virtual blockers work well, but are the biggest pain in the butt to pair.

Overall, I thought the Hovo 510 would be way better, but it’s not. It’s an extremely noisy, furniture bumping, not very consumer friendly automatic vacuum cleaner. If you don’t want the headaches, go for another more reputable brand like Moneual’s offerings or Eco-Vacs.


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