BluFit Smart Water Bottle & App Quenches Your Thirst

BluFit Smart Water Bottle & App Quenches Your Thirst
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BluFit, this is the beginning of a fantastic new generation of smart technology in the health and fitness category. Who ever thought that the future would bring smart water bottles? Well, that time is now and this bottle works in synchronization with a smartphone that will make sure you’re hydrated. BluFit will make the decision of how much water you really need, how much you’ve consumed and will alert you when it’s time to chug it up!

Studies have shown that nearly 50% of Americans don’t drink enough water.

Staying hydrated throughout the day helps with your day-to-day life. It keeps you alert, controls your appetite and improves your general performance and prevents you from getting fatigued, getting that annoying headache as well as dry skin. When living a busy life, even simple tasks-like staying hydrated-can slip your mind. BluFit eliminates the guess work and does the job for you, how awesome is that!

OleoApps, maker of BluFit, designed a one-of-a kind device to help consumers maintain a healthy lifestyle by monitoring and analyzing their daily intake of fluids. The smart water bottle features a sensor that automatically records the time and amount of water consumed.  While there are many determining factors that play into each individual’s unique level of hydration, BluFit’s integrated app will provide users with a program customized to fit their needs.


The BluFit app collects a variety of data including weight, age, temperature and humidity to determine exactly what your daily intake should be. Not to worry however, this information is secure and only the user can choose to share it, if they wish. Through the customizable app, you can view your current level of hydration, set and monitor your personal goals and adjust your daily intake based on your activity level and health status.

BluFit has these cool customizable LED lights integrated into the bottle’s sleeve to provide real-time alerts. In addition, the app will send phone notifications to help keep you on track. The smart bottle’s interior setting includes a Bluetooth LE chip, compatible with iOS and Android devices, a built-in water flow sensor and a rechargeable battery that provides up to 6 days of continuous use. What would be cool is if BluFit integrated a sort of “night mode” that would keep users safe at night by flashing random bright colors on the bottle (maybe like where the ‘drop’ cutouts are) to ‘stand out’ while out in darker situations.

Maybe that will come in version 2?

The BluFit is available in Ocean Blue and Charcoal Black (exclusive Indiegogo colors).  It will retail for $59 when it hits the market in March.  You can also preorder the BluFit for reduced pledges on Indiegogo now.


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