Slickwraps Mood Series – One of the coolest iPhone skin/case accessories available on the planet

Slickwraps Mood Series – One of the coolest iPhone skin/case accessories available on the planet
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Psychedelic! I was tipped off today by my amazing contacts that SlickWraps has just introduced the Case Series for the iPhone 5/5S. This bad boy changes it’s color according to your mood, how cool is that? Before you ask, no, they have not connected it with Siri, so she won’t give you attitude if you’re in a crappy mood and ask her stuff.


Slickwraps is a hard case / skin combo, offering you a ton of protection. A rep for Slickwraps has told me that the wrap covers places where the hard case doesn’t cover, giving you full device protection. The other great thing? This a product that is (insert Cimorelli/Demi Lovato reference here) – Made in the USA (in Andover, Kansas). This isn’t a product that is made in China that will potentially damage your beautiful device with extremely hard to remove residue. You can easily remove and re-apply the Slickwraps. Sweet!


It’s made of a thermo-chromatic material that changes color with temperature giving you the same effect as those funky mood rings from back when you were a kid. Yes kids, we played with mood rings back then, not everything was about Angry Birds or Candy Crush Saga, we didn’t have that back then. The case is totally black when it’s not in your hand and applies without any bubbles. It comes in a deep gloss finish as well.

At $24.95, you can’t really beat that! Check out the Slickwraps Mood Series here!


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