Review: Logitech G19 Keyboard

Review: Logitech G19 Keyboard
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Several years back, I did a review on the old of the Logitech G19 keyboard. However, since heavily overhauling the site, that review has disappeared.

My old Logitech G19 from 2009 went on the fritz, it had an issue that the LCD screen would keep turning on and off, and this would also affect the backlighting. Really annoying, however, Logitech has fixed this in the latest version of this keyboard. The Logitech G19 keyboard is a gamer’s paradise. This beauty is equipped with a beautiful LCD screen that supports digital photos, video playback, and even YouTube support. It includes an SDK which allows applications to be created for the LCD display. It supports millions of color options for its backlit keys. It has built in USB 2.0 ports.

The keyboard itself consists of 12 macro keys, which support five simultaneous key presses.  A nice feature about this keyboard is the ability to turn off desktop mode, which disables that Windows key, so that you don’t accidently exit out of your game by hitting the key. The LCD is what sets this keyboard apart, as I said, it includes an SDK, but it also includes these really sweet default plugins.  These plugins are countdown timer, POP3 Monitor, YouTube, Media Display, Performance Monitor, and many more.

Next to these three macro buttons, there is a Macro Record button labeled MR. If you push it, the GamePanel LCD will light up, and instruct to you press any of the 12 G keys, then enter your key sequence, and then push the MR button again, that’s it. You have just recorded a macro.

The thing that is unfortunate is the YouTube plugin. It lets you do everything, except for one core thing, which is search. Why was that left out? This plugin would be killer with having search capability. I guess that one is for the next update.  Some people might not like, that the LCD is powered by its own AC adapter. However, this is a small price to pay, for excellent quality on the G19’s LCD screen, which supports a 320×240 resolution.

Once you launch a game that’s compatible with the G19, the G19’S LCD displays the name of the name, and more in game information, without any need for additional installation.

To the right of the LCD, also known as the GamePanel LCD, it features a gear / settings button, which turns on and off this LCD screen, cause when you’re doing an important document, this screen can become a distraction. To the left of the LCD, you have 4 buttons, for up down, and left/right. It has an ok button in the center, a back button, and a button to cycle through each of the cool plugins.

At the top right of the keyboard, the G19 features its multimedia buttons. These buttons consist of the Play/Pause button, the stop button, and back/forward track. Also the mute button, and this really fancy volume roller.

The keyboard also comes with this cool wrist rest, made of plastic, which “snaps” onto the keyboard. I personally, find it really comfortable; a good feature to have. The keyboard isn’t ergonomic, it has no wave design, or anything like that, and it’s just simply a really comfortable cool gaming keyboard.

Overall, I give this keyboard a 4/5, for the reason that it is relatively expensive, and also, the lack of functionality on the YouTube plugin, which still hasn’t been updated since 2009, which is quite sad.

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