Review: Pure Sensia 200D Connect

Review: Pure Sensia 200D Connect
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I have been testing out the Pure Sensia 200D Connect over the past few weeks and I am in shock, this thing is absolutely fabulous. For the price, this sounds amazing and the features are stellar. I originally saw the Pure Sensia 200D Connect at CES 2013 and I instantly fell in love with it and I knew I just had to review it.

This baby is way more powerful and friendly than the other units like the Pure One Flow which is quite sluggish and not user friendly and looks like something from the 80s.

The Sensia 200D Connect kind of looks like a football and features an eye-catching rich display. One thing to note is there is no 30 pin or lightning connector for your “i” devices. You are going to have to use the AUX cable or use the Pure Connect app to stream your music from your devices to the Sensia 200D connect.

One thing I do wish though is that the ugly telescopic antenna for FM would be removed and integrated inside the unit. The Sensia is such a beautiful unit and to me, having that ugly pole sticking out of the side just ruins it.

You can also swap the speaker grills in some really neat colours that are available for sale such as lime and red allowing a cool touch of personalization.

There are thousands of podcasts out there and tons of internet radio stations. However, none of these other boxes have a dedicated and unique service such as Pure Music, Pure Stream and Pure Sounds. I unfortunately wasn’t able to test Pure Music as it isn’t available in North America yet, I am eagerly waiting for that launch to happen.

One cool addition is that the Sensia 200D connect offers the ability to add a “ChargePak” using the F1 battery available online on Pure’s website. I really liked this and the battery life was absolutely superb. Installing and removing the battery was a breeze on the Sensia, a huge improvement over how difficult it was to install on the Pure One Flow.

One thing that does need to be improved is that the WiFi card only supports 2.4 GHz networks. If your router is for some reason only supports the 5GHz band, you won’t be able to use the features on the Sensia except for FM radio and connections through your AUX port along with listening to songs on your USB drive. Pure, please upgrade your WiFi cards to support dual band.

Did I mention that the Sensia 200D connect is touch screen? It’s really need and it comes with an infrared remote control also. I do wish the remote control wasn’t infrared cause it requires a line of sight. If Pure could invest a little more money into the remote control and make it Bluetooth capable so it doesn’t require that old “line of sight” technology, that would make the experience even better.

The Sensia 200D connect also has the ability to connect to Facebook and Twitter and pull RSS feeds. I found these to be a bit well, weird for an Internet radio honestly, I tried it for 20 minutes and got tired of it. There is absolutely no privacy also, once your logged in anyone can go and like anything on your Facebook as you via your Sensia 200D connect. That to me is very eery if friends are over and managed to figure out how to get into the FB app.

In terms of sound quality, wowzers, it sounds fabulous. Nothing can beat that quality for the price it’s at.

If you’re interested in picking up your very own Sensia 200D connect, go check it out over at Once Pure Music comes out I will most likely update this review cause that feature is apparently loaded.


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