Review: Sonic Connect 2 (SEC 200) Alerting System

Review: Sonic Connect 2 (SEC 200) Alerting System
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A few weeks ago I received the Sonic Connect 2 (SEC 200) alerting system to review.


The Sonic-connect™ from Sonic Alert alerts you to incoming messages that you may have missed after stepping away from your computer. Compatible media includes Skype™, E-mail, Instant Messages, and Microsoft® Outlook® functions. The USB media device sits on your desk or tabletop and is about the size and shape of a coin purse. Available in two versions – SEC100 and SEC200 – Sonic-connect also features a user-friendly software to select your individual preferences. The software is very simple to use and I don’t see any reason that the most basic computer user will have any difficulty what so ever setting it up. I do highly suggest the SEC200 over the SEC100, it just does WAY more, and I did review both. The SEC 200 is extremely loud and certainly gets your attention. Even for those who are not hard-of-hearing, just for business users to alert you of new emails, Skype conversations and more, it’s well worth the buck.

The Sonic-connect (SEC100) is the original and has a unique ultra-bright strobe flash that can be seen even from another room. This is ideal for elderly and hearing impaired individuals who may miss more subtle notifications. Upon return, missed messages will be brought to the user’s attention by the red LED indicators as well as a computer dialog box that shows who and/or what type of message was missed. The Sonic-connect 2 (SEC200) is the newest USB media alert. In addition visual notifications, provided via bright white and red LED’s, this unit also features an extra-loud ringer and vibration. The same software controls the SEC200, allowing for your choice of sight, sound and tactile notifications. Updates to the software are periodic and will automatically notify users when additional functionality has been added.

Whether you use your computer for personal, business, school or all of the above, we know that everyone is busy and relies on technological conveniences to manage everyday life. Overall, I give the SEC 200 by Sonic Alert this rating:


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