Review: SpareOne Plus Emergency Cell Phone, The Dumb Phone Which Is Really Smart

Review: SpareOne Plus Emergency Cell Phone, The Dumb Phone Which Is Really Smart
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It’s very rare that I review a dumb phone these days, but this phone is so dumb, it’s actually really smart. This phone has no display, no texting abilities, no camera, it just makes calls. That’s it. So what’s so unique about the SpareOne Plus ? This phone runs off a double A (AA) battery that can last up to 15 years on standby. Now that’s really good! If you ever have to use the phone, it has 10 hours of talk time.¬†Because the SpareOne Plus doesn’t have a screen, voice feedback is given when pressing buttons which is quite cool. The phone is also quite rugged and for the price, you really can’t lose. It’s a must have for any emergency kit.

The phone features a waterproof bag allowing you to make calls while you may be in really wet and dangerous situations. The flagship feature of the device is a dedicated 911 button which when pressed, (even with no SIM card), dials 911. The beauty of the “+” portion of the SpareOne is that it uses GPS capabilities which use texting to give emergency personnel your location. It doesn’t use the current style of GPS which most smartphones use which takes a toll on your battery life. Also, the location of the SpareOne Plus phone can be displayed using an iOS application. You will need to pair the SpareOne + with your iPhone app before hand for this to work.

Overall, I give the SpareOne Plus a great 5/5 rating. The guys and gals at XPAL power are very innovative and really thought this product through. Way to go! More information can be found at


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