Cisco provides clarification on Cisco Connect Cloud Service, eases consumers

Cisco provides clarification on Cisco Connect Cloud Service, eases consumers
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It has been busy over at TrustedNerd. Since I have seen the news about Cisco Connect Cloud and the privacy woes, I have reached out to Cisco for further clarification on this service. In all honesty, it doesn’t sound “that” bad given that they fully allow you to opt-out of the service.

For those that don’t know what Cisco Connect Cloud is, Cisco announced a few days ago the availability of its Cisco Connect Cloud mobile app which provides easy access to Cisco Connect Cloud on a smartphone or tablet, while home or on the go. One breakthrough feature with Cisco Connect Cloud is SimpleTap. SimpleTap lets consumers connect devices to their Linksys Smart Wi-Fi Router with as little as one tap of a button or with a quick swipe or scan of a device or tag, making it easier than ever to add devices to the network. Additionally, Cisco unveiled the first set of mobile apps from third party developers that provide extended experiences to Linksys Smart Wi-Fi Routers. There are six new developer apps including an app that lets people search and “beam” online videos to a Smart TV or AirPlay® compatible device, an app that helps install home monitoring cameras and enables monitoring at home and on the go, and apps that give parents easy ways to keep their children safe online, even when mom and dad are not at home.

“We are changing the game when it comes to the connected home, ushering in a whole new level of experiences, simplicity and convenience,” said Brett Wingo, vice president and general manager, Cisco Home Networking. “The next-generation connected home is being brought to life for our customers with Linksys Smart Wi-Fi routers, Cisco Connect Cloud, apps and our partnerships across the industry.”

The thing is, a lot of media has stated that everything is accessible for Cisco to see when you use their Connect Cloud services. They can see all the websites you have viewed, your settings, etc. This is why consumers went up in arms about the new service since some media stated that it was a “required” update for your router, and if you didn’t update, your router would become disfunctional. That statement of course, is false. Cisco has stated in their blog post that “Cisco Connect Cloud is an optional service that brings additional features to a home network. It is not required to set-up and manage Cisco Linksys EA Series routers. In response to our customers’ concerns, we have simplified the process for opting-out of the Cisco Connect Cloud service and have changed the default setting back to traditional router set-up and management.”  Also, “Cisco’s Linksys routers do not track or store any personal information regarding customers’ use of the Internet.” in regards to the privacy concerns over logging. In regards to the update being pushed to routers,  “Cisco will only push software updates to a Linksys router when the auto-update option is selected.  We will clarify this in an update to our documentation.”

Thanks Cisco for clarifying these issues quickly.

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