Urinal cakes at bars now talk, remind drunks to take a cab

Urinal cakes at bars now talk, remind drunks to take a cab
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Where do most people get drunk? A bar? What do they do before they leave? Usually hit the can and take a whizz. So what better place to advise the drunks to not drive and to take a cab? The urinal.

So these were sent out by the Michigan State Police to 200 bars and diners. When activated by your urine, the cake will say comments such as:

“Hey there big guy! Having a few drinks? Then listen up! Think you’ve had one too many? Then it’s time to call a cab or a sober friend for a ride home. It sure is safer and a hell of a lot cheaper than a DWI. Make the smart choice tonight, don’t drink and drive. Remember, your future is in your hand.”

And another really clever one that any guy will pay attention to:

“Here’s a real friendly reminder. Don’t drive drunk. If you do and you get arrested, the next urinal you pee in will be in jail, with a hairy guy named Bubba standing behind asking you to pick up the soap…”

One problem, the drunks are going to get pissed (no pun intended) and most likely smash it to the floor, or wonder why the urinal is talking to them. Would be smarter if it could actually detect your blood alcohol levels and sound a warning of some sort.

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