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First Look: SmarterStand for iPad for the Apple Smart Cover

You know, sometimes the simplest things are the most useful. That is definately a fact with the Smarter Stand for iPad Smart Covers. This Kickstarter project created by Dotan Saguy had a funding goal of $10,000. Of course, with something this smart it has exceeded that funding goal, not twice, but almost 14x at the time of writing. It does increase the smartness of your smart cover quite considerbly.

So what is the SmarterStand? Well, it isn’t a stand… it’s two clips of plastic that clip onto your Apple Smart Cover. When you place the clips over certain folds of the smart cover, it allows you to position your iPad using the smart cover at different angles. The clips are quite durable and honestly, this will be the best $12 you have ever spent for an iPad product. The product will retail for $20 after the KickStarter project. There are currently 13 days left so get yours now for $12.

Update: (Review) – I spent the last few days using the SmarterStand clips and I must say, it definately adds to your Smart Cover. Anyone who hasn’t ordered there’s yet, get it now!

5 / 5 stars      

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