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Trioh! The world’s most beautiful flashlight

You know how when the power goes out, your looking everywhere for a flashlight? Sometimes, and actually most often, the batteries will be dead so your searching for those too. The other problem with flashlights is they are quite ugly, and look more like a tool than something you can put on your living room table as an accent light. So how does Trioh! change this? Keep reading.

The Trioh! is a flashlight that you can definitely call “sexy” and “cool.” It’s able to sit on a shelf and fit into any type of decor. The base of the Trioh! charges the light via induction. When the power goes out the Trioh! automatically lights up. The fact that it acts as a beautiful accent light is a real bonus. The battery life for the Trioh! is incredible. The company states that rechargeable batteries will power the Trioh! up to 12 hours of constant use and in emergency mode it will pulse for up to 3 days.

Trioh! is a Kickstarter project that is seeking $90,000 of funding. They are almost there and this honestly is a project that needs to be funded. For a backing of $69, a Trioh! can be yours when this project is fully funded.

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