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Bring the vibe back to your iPhone with FLASHr

Another amazing Kickstarter project is now up. Known as FLASHr, it adds a much wanted feature to the iPhone and that is visual alerts. Utilizing the cameras iPhone LED flash that will alert you when you have new notifications like calls, texts or emails. Did anyone know that the iPhone does indeed have an LED alert? Probably not. So what does FLASHr add? Keep reading.

Phaze5 – FLASHr Activation and Exploded View from Phaze5 on Vimeo.

The problem is that this status LED is on the backside of your iPhone so that when the screen is facing up, you won’t be able to see it. FLASHr solves this problem by having an LED Flash notification case that allows the sides of the case to illuminate when a notification occurs. The coolest thing ever? No batteries are required. It also won’t take much power away from your iPhone by using the case. The way it works is it uses a special reflector that beams the LED flash from the iPhone to the edges of the FLASHr case. It will come in different colors and is seeking $75,000 of funding. With a minimum pledge of $35, you will secure your very own FLASHr case. FLASHr brings the vibe back to your iPhone.

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