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iPhone 5 spotted in Apple recruitment video, is larger than the iPhone 4S

Well, well, well.. someone in Apple’s marketing and human resources department just pulled a blunder as the iPhone 5 is shown in their recruitment video. In the video, a bunch of people say how amazing it is to work for Apple, etc.. you get it. But the most interesting point of this video happens around the 1 minute mark, 0:57 to be exact where it shows the a larger iPhone, the iPhone 5 on a product marketing wall.

We can’t tell exactly “how” large it is with exact measurements but its worth noting.

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Jonathan Yaniv

Jonathan is the founder and editor-in-chief of Covering major tech shows such as CES, Jonathan is always there for the latest tech news. Want your gadget to be reviewed or have a release you'd like to be considered for publishing? Send Jonathan an email, jonathan [at]

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  1. [...] real given that it has the smaller dock connector and the headphone port on the bottom. As per the Apple Recruitment video that we spotted the iPhone 5 in, this is the same deal. The iPhone 5 is taller than the [...]

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